Petco Partner Assistance Fund

For emergencies or unforeseen difficulties, the Assistance Fund is here to help.

What is the Petco Partner Assistance Fund? Direct Link

From disasters to emergencies, the Petco Partner Assistance Fund can provide extra financial support during difficult times. For emergencies or unforeseen difficulties, the Assistance Fund is here to help.

How can I apply for assistance? Direct Link

Apply directly to the Petco Partner Assistance Fund.

Am I eligible to apply? Direct Link

Petco Partners are eligible to apply for assistance if they are: active employees (including on leave, short-term disability, and paid time off). Or if their spouse or dependent have been affected by a qualifying event.

What events are covered? Direct Link

Catastrophic Disasters

  • Disaster resulting from an accident on a common carrier (ex. incident that has occurred on a train, subway, public bus, ferry, airplane, etc.)
  • Earthquake, flood, hurricane, ice storm, landslide/mudslide, pollution, sinkhole, tornado, tropical storm, typhoon, volcano, wildfire, winter storm, etc.
  • Infectious disease outbreak (ex. epidemic, pandemic, Covid-19)

Hardship Events

  • Death of a dependent, spouse or on behalf of the employee themselves
  • Domestic and/or physical abuse
  • Violent and/or non-violent crime
  • Not at fault car accident
  • Denied health insurance claim (voluntary procedures are not eligible)
  • Unexpected loss of spouse income
  • Unscheduled loss of court mandated alimony and/or child support

Home Damage

  • Emergency home damage not involving normal wear-and-tear or routine maintenance (ex. leaks, broken pipes)
  • House fire (where applicant is found not a fault)

Short-term Illness

  • Short-term illness with medical documentation. (Typical sick days are not eligible)

Events must have taken place on or after a Partner’s hire date, and within a year of applying. Partners may only be awarded once per event and cannot receive additional assistance for the same event.

Can Partners affected by COVID-19 apply for assistance? Direct Link

Yes, partners who have been affected by COVID-19 by increased expenses due to quarantine, increased childcare costs, or other related expenses may be eligible to receive a grant from the Assistance Fund.

If I have a qualifying event, what types of expenses are covered?


  • Food / clothing
  • Basic household goods (ex. furniture, essential appliances)
  • Housing needs related, but not limited to mortgage, security deposit, rent.
  • Car payments, auto repairs and replacement not associated with routine repairs, regular maintenance, basic up-keep or at fault damage.
  • Basic utilities (ex. electric, gas, water, etc.)
  • Medical expenses (ex. hospital bills, dental, hearing or vision assistance not covered by employee benefits)
  • Funeral related expenses
  • Psychological counseling
  • Childcare by a licensed provider
  • Evacuation expenses (ex. hotel/lodging, mileage, etc. Applications for evacuation related assistance must be submitted within 45-days of the disaster event and include available receipts such as hotel, travel, food, etc.)

I applied for assistance. How long until I hear back? Direct Link

Allow 5-business days for the Grant Administration Team to process your application. If you haven’t been contacted after 5-business days, you can follow up on the status of your application by calling the Grant Administration team at 866-906-1344, M-F (8AM-8PM EST) or emailing them at

Do I have to repay the grants? Direct Link

No; grants provided through the Fund are not loans and do not have to be repaid.

Who administers the Assistance Fund? Direct Link

The Petco Partner Assistance Fund is managed by E4E Relief, a 3rd party administrator. All applications must meet qualifying criteria as set by the IRS. Grants are awarded based on application review and fund availability.

How do I donate to the fund? Direct Link

Donate directly to the Petco Partner Assistance Fund. Anyone can donate to the fund; you don’t need to be a Petco Partner.

Can I donate via automatic weekly paycheck deductions? Direct Link

We’re exploring automatic paycheck deductions! At this time, you can donate as frequently as you want at the Petco Partner Assistance Fund. The minimum donation amount is $1.

Who can I contact with additional questions? Direct Link

Most questions can be answered by visiting the Petco Partner Assistance Fund. If you have additional questions, you may email