Sword Health

Introducing Sword Health to all UMR–United Health members.

Sword Health is our digital musculoskeletal benefit – offering digital physical therapy program to treat back, joint, muscle pain and pelvic health at no cost to you as a part of your Petco benefits under the UMR-United healthcare plans. This benefits is 100% paid by Petco, which means no copay or deductible is required to be met.

The three programs offered are:

  • Thrive is a digital physical therapy program to treat back, joint, and muscle pain, pairing you with a physical therapist for clinically proven at-home treatment. The easy-to-use technology can reduce your pain by up to 70%.*
  • Bloom is a digital pelvic health program for women, addressing issues such as urinary leaking, bowel disorders, and chronic pelvic pain. Guided by clinical experts, it covers all life stages including pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.
  • Move, your whole-body solution for a pain-free tomorrow, helps you say goodbye to daily aches and pains, injury worries, and lack of motivation with best-in-class movement plans, tailored to your unique needs. With the support and accountability of a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Move helps you build healthy habits while improving your overall physical health.

Register your account at meet.swordhealth.com/Petco

Eligibility Direct Link

All Sword health programs are available at no cost to you and eligible family members as part of your UMR-United Healthcare plans.

Bloom services are designed for women and individuals with assigned pelvic female anatomy. Bloom therapy addresses pelvic conditions through adulthood, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Must be 18+ years of age to participate.