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Kaiser members must obtain a prescription from a Kaiser in-network pharmacy or by Kaiser mail-order. To locate a Kaiser pharmacy near you log into your profile at

UMR/United Healthcare Direct Link

UMR/United Healthcare’s prescription drug coverage is administered by CVS Caremark. You will automatically receive prescription drug coverage if you enroll in one of the three UMR/United Healthcare medical plan options.

Prescription Drug Highlights

Each of our three medical plan options provides the same prescription drug coverage benefits. Your prescription drug costs will depend on whether you purchase at a retail pharmacy or through mail order, and the type of prescription drugs you buy (such as, generic or brand name).

The prescription drug program has two components: a network of national pharmacies for short term medications and a mail order service pharmacy program. Long-term medications are available at CVS/Caremark’s mail service pharmacy or CVS/pharmacy. If your prescription is for a chronic or ongoing condition lasting longer than 2 months, you must use the CVS/Caremark Maintenance Choice program.

Maintenance Choice Program: Under this program you can fill a prescription at your local network pharmacy up to 2 times. As of the 3rd refill you will be required to use the Maintenance Choice Program. Maintenance Choice offers two ways to fill long-term prescriptions:

  • CVS/Care Mail Service Pharmacy: Mail your 90-day prescription to the CVS/Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy and receive your medications at your home.
  • CVS/pharmacy: drop off your 90-day prescription at a local CVS pharmacy and pick-up at the time that is convenient for you.

CVS Caremark Pharmacy Drug List Direct Link

The pharmacy drug list (formulary) is updated regularly. If you currently take prescription drugs or need prescription drugs during the year, it is important that you review this formulary list with your doctor. If your prescribed drug is not on the list, discuss with your doctor whether your treatment plan can include a generic alternative or, if not available or tolerated, a high-quality, preferred name-brand drug included in the Advanced Control Drug Formulary which can be located on CVS Caremark’s website.

Please note: CVS Caremark updates its formulary throughout the year (no more than four times annually), so be sure to check your medications regularly against the most current formulary list.

Register for the CVS Caremark Website

When you are enrolled in a UMR/United Healthcare medical plan, your coverage will include prescription drug coverage through CVS Caremark. The CVS Caremark website makes it easy to order prescription refills, review the plan’s formulary, get drug cost estimates, identify ways to reduce your medication costs and manage your prescription coverage and benefits. Register for the Caremark website.

Register for the Caremark website

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