Good dental health is an important part of your overall well-being.

Standard and Enhanced Dental PPO Plans Direct Link

Delta Dental administers the Standard and Enhanced Dental PPO Plans through Delta Dental. Both plans give you access to Delta Dental’s network of preferred dentists. If you use a Delta Dental network dentist, your preventive care is covered at 100% and you’ll pay less out-of-pocket costs for other services because network dentists provide services at pre-negotiated rates.

Find Delta Dental network dentists: (Click on Find a Dentist)
Call Delta Dental: 800-765-6003

DeltaCare HMO Plan Direct Link

The DeltaCare HMO Plan requires you to visit your selected primary care dentist in order to receive benefits. You must choose a dentist for each covered family member. Preventive services are covered at no charge. You pay a fixed copay for other dental services.

Find DeltaCare USA dentists: (Click on Find a Dentist)
Call Delta Dental: 800-422-4234

Need your Delta Dental Card

Delta Dental cards are mailed out to the home address provided to HR. Digital cards can be accessed through the Delta Dental Mobile App or if you require a hard copy call Delta Dental directly at:

  • HMO plans – 800-422-4234
  • PPO plans – 800-765-6003

Dental Plan Comparison Direct Link

Benefit Feature

Standard Dental PPOEnhanced Dental PPODeltaCare HMO
1) $12 copay per tooth for sealants and a $170 copay for space maintainers.
2) $30 copay (child) or $45 copay (adult) for prophylaxis beyond the limit of 2 per year with no copay.
3) Additional charges for evaluation, treatment plan, banding (placement of braces) and retention.
Plan Year Deductible$50 per person
$150 per family
$50 per person
$150 per family
Plan Year Maximum Benefit$1,500


No maximum benefit
Diagnostic/Preventive Services
Preventive Care
Oral Exams, X-rays

No charge, no deductible

No charge, no deductible

No charge 1, 2
No charge
Basic Services
Oral Surgery 20% after deductible20% after deductible

$12-$125 copay

Restorative (fillings)20% after deductible20% after deductible$0-$115 copay
Endodontics (root canals)20% after deductible20% after deductibleUp to $430 copay
Major Services
Crowns 50% after deductible50% after deductibleUp to $500 per unit
Dentures50% after deductible50% after deductible
Adolescent benefit (to age 19)Not covered50% after deductible up to $1,500 lifetime max$1,530-$2,505 copay3
Adult benefitNot coveredNot covered$1,730-$2,705 copay3