Airrosti Remote Recovery

Get help for chronic and acute pain with Airrosti Remote Recovery.

Airrosti provides highly effective, personalized care for muscle and joint pain — delivered in-clinic (where available) or remotely through their convenient virtual care/telehealth solution, Airrosti Remote Recovery. Airrosti Remote Recovery connects you with a licensed provider who will help you understand your muscle or joint pain, prescribe an individualized recovery plan, and give you the tools to live with less pain.

Included as part of your recovery plan, you’ll receive a Remote Recovery Kit with at-home recovery tools shipped to your home.

Petco health plan members have access to Airrosti Remote Recovery as a $0 copay on the UMR PPO plans, or $0 after deductible on the UMR HDHP plan.

Comprehensive, 1-on-1 clinical care for painful problem areas such as :

  • Back/Neck
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Foot
  • Wrist
  • Plus more!

This program is for UMR plan participants only.

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