Commuter Benefits Program

Save money on taxes when you commute to and from work using public transportation.

The commuter benefits program saves you money on taxes if you commute to and from work using public transportation and/or you pay for parking at or near work. Once you sign up, funds are deducted from your paycheck automatically on a pre-tax basis, lowering your taxable income. For 2024, the maximum pre-tax transit contribution is $315 per month and $315 per month for parking.

The program is administered by HealthEquity. After you enroll, HealthEquity makes it easy to pay providers at the time of service directly from your transit and/or parking account with a debit card. If a parking facility doesn’t accept debit card payments, you can pay out of pocket and submit a reimbursement request from your account. If you are enrolled in a flexible spending account, the transportation and/or parking benefit will be added to your Visa FSA debit card.

Managing your commuter account Direct Link

To learn more about your commuter benefits account, visit the WageWorks website. For a complete list of eligible expenses that you can use your commuter card for click here.

How to file a commuter claim online Direct Link

If you do not have your commuter card handy when you are traveling for work purposes, visit Health Equity and complete the commuter benefits Pay Me Back.

HealthEquity is the Commuter Benefits Program Administrator

HealthEquity tracks your contributions and reimbursements.

Go to to:

  • See your current balance
  • See a list of eligible transportation and parking expenses