Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Learn about your options at There you’ll be prompted to log into our enrollment platform, Alight, to submit your 2024 elections for the plan that is best plan for you.

  • For password or login questions contact the Petco Benefits Service Center (855) 722-0241.
  • Questions about the various UMR-UHC plans option? Contact your Quantum team of care coordinators at (877) 324-3536.

Q: I like the coverage I already have. Do I have to sign up for a new benefits package?

A: If you are enrolled in Petco benefits this year, all your elections will carry over into 2024 except for flexible spending accounts and, for salaried partners, long-term disability. You must enroll in these benefits during Open Enrollment.

Q: As a New Hire do I need to do anything different?

A. Yes. New Hires will have a dual enrollment. During your New Hire event in Alight, you’ll elect current benefits for 2023 and after finalizing those you’ll be asked to complete your Open Enrollment event for 2024.

  • For questions contact Petco Benefits Service Center at (855) 722-0241.

Q: When enrolling a new dependent, will verification be required?

A: Yes. For spouses, dependents and domestic partners you will be required to submit dependent verification documents. Documentation must be submitted within 30-days of open enrollment. Exact details of the required documentation will be provided to you by Alight benefits enrollment portal when you add a new dependent.

Q: How do I find an in-network medical provider?

A: Locate a Kaiser provider by calling you local office or visit

Find a UMR-UHC in-network provider by following these simple steps:

Q: Will I receive a new insurance card?

A: Only participants in the UMR-United Healthcare plans will receive new insurance cards mailed in January 2024. Current Kaiser participants will not.

  • Be on the lookout for this important piece of mail to ensure it is not accidentally thrown away. Click here to view same ID card.

Q: If I have a Flexible (FSA) or Dependent (DCFSA) do I need to re-enroll in it for the next year?

A: Yes, if you want to participate in a savings account for 2024 you must re-enroll in the account and select your annual contribution.

Q: Will the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) limits for 2024 change?

A: Yes. The maximum FSA annual contributions for 2024 are:

  • $3,050 (an increase of $200) for Health Care and Limited Purpose FSA
  • $5,000 (no change) for Dependent Care FSA

With an FSA, you lose your funds if you do not use them before the end of the plan year except for $610 of unspent Healthcare FSA money that will carryover to the next plan year. Carefully estimate and only deposit only what you need for the plan year into your FSA.

Learn more about Flexible Spending Accounts.

Q: Will Petco continue to fund Health Savings Accounts for those participating in a UMR-UHC HSA or Kaiser HSA?

A: Yes, Petco will provide bi-weekly contributions to a HSA reimbursement account with Health Equity.

  • $350 annual employee only contribution (funded bi-weekly)
  • $700 annual employee + dependent(s) (funded bi-weekly)

Q: Will the Health Savings Account (HSA) limits for 2024 change?

A: Yes. The maximum HSA annual contributions for 2024 are:

  • Employee only: $3,800 (an increase of $350)
  • Employee + dependent(s): $7,600 (an increase of $500)
  • Those 55 and older can contribute an additional $1,000 as a catch-up contribution.

Learn more about the benefits of a Health Savings Account.

Q: What procedures are covered by Carrum Health?

A: Carrum network of doctors perform surgeries for knee, hip, shoulder, spine, heart, and weigh loss surgeries and cancer care.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in Carrum Health?

A: Partners and dependents (18+) enrolled in a Petco UMR-UHC medical plan.

Q: Is 100% of the cost covered for a surgery?

A: Petco covers all costs related to the procedure if enrolled in the UMR-UHC Enhanced or Value plan.

  • Covered costs include pre-Op, post-Op, physician fee, facility fee, professional fees, prescriptions and more.
  • Partners enrolled in the UMR-UHC HSA plan must first meet the federal minimum deductible before Petco covers procedure costs.
    • Individual HSA minimum deductible $1,600
    • Family HSA minimum deductible $3,200

Q: Am I required to use Carrum Health?

A: No. Carrum Health is a voluntary program. However, to have your surgical costs paid for by Petco you will have to go through Carrum.

Q: What doctors are in the Carrum Health network?

A: Carrum works with top doctors, surgeons and facilities in the country.

  • Connect with a representative by calling 888-855-7806 for details

Q: How do I get started with Carrum Health?

A: The benefit will be available to all UMR-UHC participants as of February 1, 2024. Get started today by registering at

Q: Will there be copay changes in 2024?

A: Yes, only the UMR-UHC plans will experience a copay change.

  • Reducing Urgent Care (UC) copay for partners enrolled in the Enhanced and Value plans:
    • New Enhanced plan UC copay: $50
    • New Value plan UC copay: $80
  • A $200 copay will be applied to the coinsurance for emergency room (ER) visits under the UMR-UHC Enhanced, HSA, and Value plans.
    • If a partner is admitted to the hospital following the ER visit, the $200 copay will be waived.

Q: Does Petco provide free virtual telemedicine visits?

A: Yes. Partners and their dependents enrolled in Petco plans have access to free telemedicine visits.

  • All UMR-UHC participants can schedule an acute care or behavior health visit 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for FREE (no copay or deductible).
  • Kaiser participants have free telemedicine visits but those participating in the Kaiser HSA must first meet the plan deductible.

Need help with deciding where to go? Click here to understand your care options.

Q: Will salaried partners have long-term disability (LTD) benefits?

A: In order to align our benefit offerings, Petco will no longer provide salaried partners with an employer paid LTD benefit or LTD Buy-Up option. Instead, salaried partners will have the opportunity to enroll in voluntary long-term disability benefits (VLTD).

  • Salaried partners can elect to enroll in VLTD with a benefit of 50% of your monthly salary and a maximum of $10,000 per month.
  • Evidence of insurability will not be required during this open enrollment period only.

Q: Does Petco offer mental health benefits?

A: Yes! We know that caring for your health goes beyond visits to the doctor, and we offer mental health resources, such as our robust Employee Assistance Program (EAP) , free to all Petco Partners regardless of eligibility or plan participation. We are investing in a new EAP, offering a more robust network of therapist and platform enhancements through SupportLinc. Through the EAP, partners can access a wide range of tool kits, resources, and services covering topics from mental health to stress management and relationships; offering up to five virtual or in-person counseling sessions per issue, per plan year.

Q: Does Petco offer fertility benefits and where can I get additional information?

A: Participants in the UMR-UHC plan will have a $5,000 annual benefit maximum available for medical and/or prescription benefits.

  • Connect with a Quantum care coordinator for assistance at (877) 324-3536

Kaiser fertility benefits may vary by state, for details please refer to your plan’s Summary of Benefits and Coverages.

Q: Does Petco offer an Adoption Benefit?

A: Yes. Adoption benefits are available to Petco partners with a lifetime maximum of $5,000.

Q: Does the Petco medical plan provide coverage for vasectomies?

A: Yes, the UMR-UHC and Kaiser medical plans do coverage vasectomies with a coinsurance. Additional information can be obtained at:

  • UMR-UHC participants please reach out to a Quantum care coordinator at (877) 324-3536.
  • Kaiser members connect with your local Kaiser office.

Q: Will my pharmacy benefits change?

A: No. If you are a UMR-UHC member we are continuing our partnership with CVS Caremark. Therefore, your pharmacy benefit program will remain unchanged. Each year pharmacy benefit plans update their formularies and how they cover prescription medication. Please review the 2024 formularies below to verify coverage or call (844) 294-0389